’m an experienced business guy that did what many dream of by leaving a good corporate career without any plan other than to try something new.
ardly what you’d call a “plan”!).
found my way into the tech startup world and couldn’t be happier.

I spend most of my time working on my own startup, listium.com. But I also love helping other startup founders and am happy to be contacted for advice.

One of things I enjoyed most about my move was the ability to work on becoming the expert generalist that I believed I could be. Don’t get me wrong, the world needs specialists and I enjoyed my 10+ years as a specialist fund manager. But the world also needs people that can see the big picture, not just their little niche. You know the story - if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

Most importantly, for me being a generalist is just a lot more fun!

But if I said I could do everything you’d know I was lying. Some of the things I get asked about regularly are:


What are users thinking when they see your product? What can you do to better engage with your users? Why aren’t people signing up?


When is the right time to raise money? How much should you raise? What terms should you offer? Why aren’t investors falling over themselves to invest?


How can you be much more engaging? What questions does your audience want answered? What are investors really thinking when they listen to your pitch? How can you tell a better story?


Out of all of these areas, and many others, where should you spend your time?

I love talking about startups and, whenever possible, will make time to sit down for a coffee with anyone brave enough to be giving it a go.

If you’re a developer who is looking to join a startup, check out listium.com.

I love learning and do a lot of reading.

I’m a kitesurfer and stand-up paddle surfer, a Richmond supporter and proud Dad.