Hi, my name’s Marc and I'm the founder of Listium.

My early career was in banking and funds management before my interest moved to the startup world.

I have been an advisor or director to multiple startups where I have helped with funding, M&A, culture and HR, recruitment, strategy, analytics, and whatever else was needed.

I'm a generalist and my strengths include finance, product management, strategy, general management, and even a bit of design.

I am always trying to learn new things and improve myself, and I do this through a lot of reading, as well as experimenting and learning from my (numerous) mistakes.


  • Aquascaping & aquariums
  • Remote control scale crawlers
  • Video and board games
  • Richmond Football Club (AFL)
  • Our pets: Kara (cat) & Daisy (dog)
  • Occasional fly-fisherman
  • Occasional standup paddlesufer
  • Very average guitar and bass player
  • Used to be a: kitesurfer; golfer; inline hockey player


  • I used to vote Liberal (Australian conservative party) but now lean left due to right wing policies that are increasingly divisive and self-serving.
  • I'm an Athiest and, while I try not to push my ideas on others, I am really not a big fan of organised religion.
  • In addition to not being religious, I do not favour anything where faith/beliefs are allowed to take precedence over science (eg. climage change sceptics, the anti-vaxxer movement, the gun lobby, Trump supporters, etc.)
  • I believe that capitalism has gone unchecked for too long and income inequality must be addressed as a matter of priority.
  • I'm passionate about reversing the trend of increasing mental illness, and income inequality is arguably the largest contributor to this trend, most media and social media companies have a lot to answer for.
  • I believe in the need for Universal Basic Income to share the benefits of innovation and reduce the impact of income inequality from the rapid shift of profits from labour to capital.
  • I read a lot about behavioural biases in order to improve my decision making.
  • I am borderline obsessive about truth and honesty in my personal and professional life, occasionally (and unintentially) at the short-term expense of people's feelings. I believe that in the long-term, the truth is the best approach.
  • I believe that psychedelics like LSD and psilocybin have huge potential to help a lot of people who suffer various mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety and PTSD, and it's a terrible that we lost decades of potential research due to political rather than scientific reasons.



2013 - present
  • Doing everything except writing code


Startup Adviser
2012 - present
  • Advice on all things related to startups, including strategy, finance, pitching and capital raising.


Executive Director
2018 - 2019
  • Assisted in day-to-day operations including finance, analytics, HR, strategy, and ultimately helped negotiate the sale of the business in late 2019.
Non-Executive Director
2013 - 2018
  • Member of a three person board, covering all areas including finance, strategy and compliance.


Small Business Consultant
2006 - 2013
  • Worked with small business owners in a range of areas including including finance, strategy, marketing and HR

Goldman Sachs JBWere Asset Management

Executive Director; Partner
2005 - 2006
  • Worked with the Managing Director on a range of projects across all parts of the business.
Head of Equities; Partner
1997 - 2005
  • Led a team of analysts, portfolio managers and dealers managing Australian Equity portfolios.
  • Activities included company and industry research, portfolio management, marketing and product management.
  • Member of GSJBWere Group Partnership Committee and the FSC Investment Board Committee (industry body)
  • Achievements
  • Above average long-term investment performance across all portfolios and substantial growth in funds under management
  • 2002 Australian Equities Fund Manager of the Year
Portfolio Manager
1994 - 1997
  • Activities included company and industry research, company valuation, portfolio management and marketing.

ANZ Bank

Commercial Banking Officer
1991 - 1994
  • Assisted in the management of a portfolio of commercial banking clients. Activities included credit and risk analysis and company research.


Monash University

Bachelor of Business - Banking & Finance

Securities Institute of Australia

Graduate Diploma - Applied Finance & Investment

Melbourne Business School

Accelerated Management Program

Harvard Business School & CFA Institute

Investment Management Workshop